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Mediterranean buckwheat salad

Mediterranean buckwheat salad is a nutritious and healthy grain salad which also appens to be gluten free and vegetarian!

Mediterranean buckwheat salad

For a lunch on the beach or at the office, or even for a quick, tasty and nutritious meal to taste when it’s really too hot for a steaming pasta dish, this Mediterranean buckwheat salad is perfect.

A nutritious dish suitable also for vegetarians, easy to readjust in a vegan version simply by omitting that sprinkle of feta cheese, which however gives flavor as well as a color contrast that I find really appetizing and pleasing to the eye.

It can be enjoied both warm or cold, it is absolutely perfect for a nutritious and tasty lunch on-the-go.

You will need:

Mediterranean buckwheat salad
  • 60g dof buckwheat per person
  • One zucchini
  • A clove of garlic
  • One eggplant
  • Half of a red bell pepper
  • A handful of cherry tomatoes
  • A handful of basil leaves
  • Olive oil, salt and pepper to taste
  • Some feta cheese

Cook your buckwheat kernels as explained here and set aside.

In the pan, fry the garlic in olive oil. Then add the zucchini, egglpant and bell pepper cut into small cubes. While cooking, add a little water if need until they are soft.

Add the tomatoes cut into wedges and a few leaves of coarsely chopped basil and cook for a few more minutes. Add salt according to your tastes.

Season the buckwheat (cold or warm, depending on what you prefer) with the vegetables and serve with a sprinkling of pepper and the crumbled feta cheese.

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