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Gluten free dessert-in-a-jar with berries and chocolate

Do you love the combination of chocolate and fruit? So, my gluten free dessert-in-a-jar is worth a try.

It takes a few minutes and it doesn’t involve baking. The perfect summer-y dessert!

I really love the idea of dessert-in-a-jar. Why, you ask? Well, because there is something elegant in serving you dessert in a single serving within a nice little glass. Plus, I find it very comforting to dig a spoon in my jar while realxing on the couch, reading a book or binge-watching my favourite tv-series. Isn’t this the reason why we all love to eat ice cream directly from the tub? I suppose so.

You will need:

Gluten free dessert-in-a-jar with bluberries and hazelnut spread
  • 250g of Greek yogurt
  • 80g of cream cheese
  • Two generous tablespoons of hazelnut spread
  • One tablespoon of sugar
  • 50g of dark chocolate
  • A handful of gluten-free chocolate cookies
  • A handful of fresh blueberries

Mix the yogurt, cream cheese, sugar and hazelnut spread. Store in the refrigerate until ready to serve.

Melt the chocolate in a bain-marie or in the microwave.

On the bottom of each jar (with these doses, you should get four) spread a layer of crumbled cookies, then one of your cream cheese filling. Pour a generous teaspoon of melted chocolate and spread it evenly, then complete with another layer of cookie and one of cream. Decorate with fresh blueberries and some biscuit crumbs. Serve cold.

Gluten free dessert-in-a-jar with bluberries and hazelnut spread

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